Food is served between 12:00PM & 2:30PM 

All outside tables are numbered and you will require a table number before ordering and paying for your food at the bar.

At peak times there could be up to an hour’s wait for food. 
Quality food takes time to cook, so please be patient and enjoy the spectacular views!  

We do not reserve tables outside or in the bar area

We are also a dog friendly pub (old bar side only)

Unfortunately we do not allow dogs in our restaurant or dining room


Wholetail Scampi in Breadcrumbs
Served with garden peas, tartare sauce  & choice of potatoes. £11.50

Fresh Crab Salad

Prawn Salad

Fresh Crab & Prawn Salad

Fisherman’s Pie
Tender pieces of salmon, smoked haddock, pollock & prawns in a creamy leek sauce topped with fluffy mash & cheddar cheese. £13.95


Homemade Chicken Curry
Served with a poppadum, mango chutney and the choice of rice, chips or ½ & ½. £10.95

Beef Lasagne or Vegetarian Lasagne (V)
Salad garnish & a choice of potatoes or full salad. £10.95

Home Cooked Ham
Fresh pineapple, garden peas and a choice of potatoes or full salad. £10.95
Add fried egg £0.90p

Brie & Tomato Quiche
In a pastry crust served with a full salad and homemade coleslaw. £10.95


Sweet & Sour Chicken Served with rice, chips or 1/2 & 1/2 & prawn crackers. £10.95

Angus Beef Burger
Topped with bacon & cheese and chips. £11.95

3 Bean Chilli (v)
Served with tortilla crisps, rice, chips or 1/2 & 1/2. £11.95

Cauliflower Cheese Tart (v)
Served with a salad garnish & a choice of potatoes. £11.95

Spicy Bean Burger
Served in a toasted ciabatta roll, chips & onion rings. £11.95

Creamy Chicken & Smokey Bacon Pasta
Served with sliced baguette. £10.95


Adults Sausage & Chips. £9.50

Adults Chicken Nuggets & Chips. £9.50

Adults Cod Bites & Chips. £9.50

Adults Southern Fried Chicken & Chips. £9.50


On Wholemeal Brown or White bread

Home Cooked Ham. £5.50

Cheddar Cheese. £5.50 (v)

Hunters Chicken (chicken, bacon & BBQ
sauce) £5.95

Tuna Mayonnaise. £5.95

Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce. £6.50

Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise.  £5.95


Home Cooked Ham. £6.50

Cheddar Cheese. £6.50 (v)

Hunters Chicken (chicken, bacon & BBQ

Tuna Mayonnaise. £6.75

Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce. £7.45

Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise. £6.75

All sandwiches & baguettes are served with a salad  garnish & crisps.


Ham & Cheddar Cheese

Tuna & Cheese Melt

Hunters Chicken (chicken, bacon & BBQ sauce & topped with cheese)

Brie & Cranberry

Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise (topped with cheese)

Served with a salad garnish & homemade creamy coleslaw

All £7.50


Beans. £6.45

Cheddar Cheese. £6.45 (v)

Beans & Cheddar Cheese. £6.95

Hunters Chicken (chicken, bacon & BBQ

Sauce). £7.25 (served cold)

Tuna Mayonnaise. £7.25

Prawns & Marie Rose Sauce. £7.95

Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise (served cold). £7.25


Sausage (2) & Chips                              

Chicken Nuggets (5) & Chips                     

A Slice of Home Cooked Ham & Chips      

Cod Bites & Chips (5)

Southern Fried Chicken Goujons & Chips (3)

Mac ‘n’ Cheese served with a slice of garlic ciabatta (v)

Homemade Chicken Curry rice, chips or ½ & ½

All £5.95


Bowl of Chips. £3.25

Chips & Cheese. £3.95

Chips & Beans. £3.95

Chips, Cheese & Beans. £4.50

Beans. £0.90

Peas. £0.90

Plain Baguette. £1.60

Bread & Butter (2 slices). £1.30

Cod Bites. £5.00

Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. £5.00

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites. £6.00


Passion Fruit & Champagne Sorbet

Four Layered Chocolate Fudge Cake

White Chocolate & Raspberry Roulade

Cheesecake of the Day

Sticky Toffee Pudding

All served with Cream, Ice Cream or Custard

All £6.25

Pembrokeshire Luxury Upton Farm Ice Cream Parma Violet. £5.25

Children’s Ice Cream. £3.25


Tel: 01834 813236 9am to 5pm

For bookings tonight after 5pm please Tel: 01834 813246

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